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Introducing Limited Edition Coolea


The History

Coolea Cheese is made by the Willems family on a mountain farm in Co. Cork. Helene and Dick Willem first moved to Ireland from the Netherlands in the 1970s. Initially cheesemaking as a hobby, the Willem family developed the business quite quickly with Helene focussing on making while Dick looked after the dairy farm. In the early 1990s, their son Dicky became head cheesemaker.

Today Coolea is made with full cream milk from a local herd of cows. Dickie is very particular about the quality of the milk used, and insists on milk from grass fed animals. The mountains of Coolea, which the cheese is named after, has a wet climate. As such the cheese is produced seasonally so that the milk never comes from silage fed animals, as Dickie believes that silage taints the flavour of the cheese. The full cream, grass fed milk means that the cheese has a wonderful golden hue to the paste.


The Maturation

What sets Coolea apart is its meticulous ageing process, overseen by Paxton's Quality Manager, Jazz Reeves, and her dedicated team. Made on 26.04.23, this batch has been carefully maturing in Paxton & Whitfield's state-of-the-art maturation rooms for the past 8 months, achieving a perfect 10-month age profile. The result? A cheese that is smooth, rich, and bursting with notes of caramel and butterscotch. Each week, it's tenderly turned and brushed in the cave-like environment of Maturation Room 1, ensuring every bite is a true delight.


Tasting Notes

Coolea boasts a smooth creaminess complemented by subtle hints of sweet honey and caramel. As you indulge, you'll discover notes of butterscotch that add depth to its character. This cheese strikes a perfect balance between savoury and sweet, making it a versatile and enjoyable choice for any occasion. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with your favourite accompaniments, Coolea cheese promises a delicious taste sensation.

Treat yourself to the exceptional taste of Coolea cheese – a testament to tradition and craftsmanship.


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