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Maturing ‘Coeur du Pic’ Cheese for Valentine’s Day

 Our first delivery of Coeur du Pic (French heart-shaped goats’ milk cheeses) arrived from our affineur in France this week and our cheesemongers are maturing them for Valentine’s Day. As soon as the French cheese delivery arrived, Quality manager Jazz Reeves and her team removed each individual heart from their wooden crates and carefully arranged them onto our soft cheese maturation racks. These heart cheeses are currently maturing at between 5-8 degrees to allow for their beautifully textured Geotrichum rind to form further – Jazz says she’s aiming for a “delicate and paper-thin rind and a soft, fluffy texture for the paste”.

Our cheesemongers will be turning the cheese hearts twice a week on their racks to ensure even moisture distribtution. When they are satisfied that the Valentine’s hearts are perfectly ripe and ready for sale, the cheeses will be moved into our coldest soft-cheese maturation room to maintain their quality for delivery into our shops and direct to your door.

A much tastier alternative to a bunch of Valentine’s flowers! Reserve your Valentine’s cheese gifts for a fresh delivery to your door.