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Maturing for Valentine's Day - Heart Shaped Cheese

British Heart-Shaped Artisan Cheese for Valentine's Day

Hand-made in the beautiful Sharpham Estate in Totnes, Devon, these heart-shaped versions of the award-winning Sharpham Brie are being specially matured for our Valentine's Cheese Collection.  

We're delighted to support this British, artisan cheesemaker in our February Valentine's cheese range. Their hand-made cheeses are produced in a purpose-built creamery using the rich, unpasteurised milk from their Jersey cattle and a vegetarian rennet. This batch of heart-shaped Sharpham Brie has been handmade especially for Paxton & Whitfield. 


Sharpham brie has a beautiful Buttercup yellow colour paste due to the fresh milk from the Jersey herd. It's a mould ripened cheese which is firm, rich and creamy when young and softens with mushroomy notes and a chicory finish with age. The cheese won a gold medal at the 2019 Food & Drink Devon Awards.

Our limited edition heart-shaped batch is being matured to be perfectly ripe and ready to eat for Valentine's Day. You can reserve yours in our Valentine's Cheese Collection here