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New & Exclusive! Corinium Cheese Blog

A brand new British, washed rind cheese – exclusively available from Paxton & Whitfield, now online and in-store.

Developed in collaboration between award-winning Cheesemaker, King Stone Dairy and Paxton & Whitfield. Corinium is characterised by its vivid terracotta and white dappled rind, smooth buttery paste, and deep savoury flavours of smoked bacon, leek, garlic and double cream.


David Jowett, the owner of King Stone Dairy, has a long relationship with Paxton & Whitfield, having worked for the business as a cheesemonger in his early years. When David visited our maturation rooms earlier this year, it was clear that there was an opportunity to collaborate on a new project, and it goes without saying that we jumped at the chance!


The new project was Corinium; a cheese made to a ‘tomme-style’ recipe by David. The cheese is washed six times at King Stone Dairy, before being transferred to Paxton & Whitfield’s maturing rooms, ten miles away. The cheese is then aged in a controlled environment, utilising traditional maturation techniques for a further three months.

We hope that through our collaboration, David can divert more of Manor Farm’s delicious summer milk into his cheese making, promoting a more regenerative farming system, whilst supporting Paxton & Whitfield’s continued dedication to encouraging biodiversity and supporting the sustainability of farming and the environment (Click here to discover how we are making an impact)


The cheese was named Corinium after the Roman name for the town of Cirencester.  Cirencester is the local town to both the dairy and our maturations rooms, and it made sense that we honoured the cheese with a name that illustrates its sense of place. 

Watch the video below to find out more from King Stone Dairy's visit to Paxton & Whitfield's maturation rooms.

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