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Pancake Day: Comte and Wiltshire Ham Pancakes

Pancake Day Cheese Combinations

Forget the lemon and sugar, syrup and chocolate spread, our favourite pancake topping is... cheese of course! 

In our professional opinion you just can't go wrong with the classic pancake match of Comté & Wiltshire Ham (pictured below). The comforting, melting properties and earthy flavours of Comté just pair so well with a freshly cooked pancake. 

We asked our cheesemongers for their favourite cheesy pancake combinations and they suggested... 

  • Brillat Savarin & Truffle Honey 

  • Cashel Blue Cheese & Fresh Pear
  • Ticklemore & White FIg Confit

  • Montgomerys Cheddar with Apple & Chilli Jelly

  • Stilton & Bacon

We'd love to see your cheese pancake pairings - share your photos on our social media pages. 


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