Podcast Ep 8 - British Territorial Cheeses

Join Hero Hirsh as she discusses three British territorial cheeses - Caerphilly, Red Leicester and Lancashire.


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Caerphilly Gorwydd Cheese
Caerphilly Gorwydd
Caerphilly cheese originated in Wales because as a 'territorial' cheese, specific environmental conditions such as rainfall, humidity and mould types were beneficial to making this type of cheese. However, its manufacture almost died...
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Sparkenhoe Red Leicester Cheese
Red Leicester - Sparkenhoe
Sparkenhoe is being made on a Leicestershire farm, something that has not happened since 1956, therefore this cheese is the ONLY Leicester to be made on a farm with raw milk in Leicestershire. Leicester cheese was made on Sparkenhoe...
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Lancashire - Kirkham
Lancashire - Kirkham
Our Lancashire is made by Graham Kirkham son of the original 'Mrs Kirkham', in the "black land of Fylde" north of Preston in Lancashire where the pasture land is near the Irish sea and the tasty quality of the milk and its cheese is...