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QEST Craft Trail

We are delighted to support the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust again and host the beautiful hand-woven and handcrafted works by Steve Tomlin. Steve creates the most beautiful traditional baskets and wooden birds which you can come and see in our Jermyn Street shop until 11th October (please see images below), along with some whole cheddars and other items to create a rustic, autumnal theme. Our wide selection of traditionally hand-made artisan cheeses are perfectly complemented by the traditional craftsmanship of the QEST trail and we’re looking forward to following the trail ourselves!


Our beautiful autumnal window display in 93 Jermyn Street, featuring the marvellous handcrafted work by Steve Tomlin.


Steve Tomlin's Fan Birds. Each feathered bird is carved out of the same piece of green wood without using glue - the feathers are carved and bent out as they remain attached to form the wing.


Steve Tomlin's Devon Stave Baskets. To form the strongest basket possible, each basket is constructed from locally sourced ash that is bent into an upper and lower rim and then is fitted with softwood staves using copper nails to form a complete basket.

If you would like to follow the QEST Craft Trail, use the map below to see the participating locations. 

Map-LCW-2021-10-venuesWith traditional college courses, vocational training, apprenticeship programs, and one-on-one training with a master craftsperson, The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) support the education and training of talented and aspiring craftspeople, which helps sustain Britain's cultural heritage. More information can be found on their website