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The Piccadilly Hamper

Our best-selling Cheese Hamper. Beautifully packaged in our Paxton & Whitfield luxury hamper box.


Our Best-selling Cheese Gift Hamper

Our classic "Piccadilly hamper" contains a selection of our house range cheeses, accompanied by a sumptuous collection of accompanying preserves, biscuits, sweet treats and our favourite slate and chalk board to display your cheese. Presented in a luxury wooden hamper box for the perfect gift.

Your Piccadilly Hamper Contains:

  • Paxton & Whitfield Cheddar Pounder 550g: A miniature cheddar, cloth bound and matured in Somerset caves with a nutty bite, earthy notes and a satisfyingly dense consistency. 

  • Paxton & Whitfield Pre-Packed Cropwell Bishop Stilton 200g: Smooth, creamy and open textured, the cheese is buttery and complex, with a slightly spicy long finish.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Pre-Packed Sparkenhoe Red Leicester 200g:  The only traditional farmhouse Red Leicester made in Leicestershire. Complex mellow flavour with nutty, fruity tones.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Celtic Capra Cheese 80g: A mellow goats’ cheese from County Tipperary with a herby flavour. Great on a cheeseboard or grilled on a salad or sourdough.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Celtic Soft 200g: The cheese has distinct hints of mushroom coming from its white rind, and a full, buttery flavour which leaves a long aftertaste.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Apricot & Cranberry Chutney 190g: A flavourful sweet and fruity chutney, with warming notes of cinnamon and Christmas. The perfect condiment for the festive period.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Proper Piccalilli 198g: Prepared by hand in North Yorkshire and featuring a vibrant mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, red peppers, courgettes & green peppers. Delicious with artisan cheese.
  • Paxton & Whitfield Cornish Buttermilk Artisan Biscuits for Cheese 100g: Crisp, wholemeal biscuits for cheese - enriched with Cornish Buttermilk & Whey. These delightful biscuits are perfect to accompany artisan cheese.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Sourdough Crispbreads 120g: Slowly fermented, large Sourdough Crispbreads with a rustic rye flour recipe, a satisfyingly crisp crunch and wholesome taste.

  • Paxton's Slate Cheeseboard & Chalk Set: A classic slate board, perfect for serving cheese with accompanying chalk.

  • Paxton & Whitfield Luxury Wooden Hamper Box: This wooden hamper box is embossed with the Paxton & Whitfield logo on the side and features a graphic of our iconic London Jermyn Street shop on the lid. Ideal for use as storage once the contents have been eaten!


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Spiced Apricot, Cranberry & Orange Chutney
Spiced Apricot, Cranberry & Orange Chutney
Deliciously Fruity Spiced Apricot and Cranberry Chutney A deliciously bright and fruity chutney, with a warming spice. This hand-prepared chutney is slow-cooked with onions, garlic and ginger, then subtly spiced for a perfect pairing...
NEW! Sourdough Crispbreads
NEW! Sourdough Crispbreads
Deliciously Crunchy Sourdough Crispbreads Every batch of our new, large Sourdough Crispbreads is hand-baked using a sourdough starter that is fed and nurtured for maximum flavour and crunch. The dough is made with the finest rye flour...
Cornish Buttermilk Artisan Biscuits for Cheese
Cornish Buttermilk Artisan Biscuits for Cheese
Cornish Buttermilk - Artisan Biscuits for Cheese These crisp & wholemeal biscuits for cheese are enriched with Cornish Buttermilk & Whey. They are specially hand-made for Paxton & Whitfield by an artisan bakery in the...
Slate cheese board and chalk
Paxtons Slate Cheese Board & Chalk Set
A classic Slate Board, perfect for serving cheese or tapas. It comes with two soapstone chalk crayons for writing on the slate. The board measures 30cm x 10cm. Wash with warm soapy water and dry. Do not soak. Not suitable for...
Paxton's Cheddar Pounder
Paxton's Cheddar Pounder
Miniature Cloth Bound Paxton & Whitfield Cheddar Paxton's Cave Aged Cheddar Pounder is distinctively fruity and has a nutty bite. It has underlying earthy notes absorbed from its maturation period in Somerset caves, and a very...
Piccallili Jar
Really Proper Piccalilli
Hand Prepared Piccalilli This traditional pickle is the ideal accompaniment to cold meats and hard cheese - crunchy vegetable pieces in a piquant and fresh sauce. Prepared by hand in North Yorkshire and featuring a vibrant mix...
Build your Own Hamper - Small Box
Build your Own Hamper - Small Box
Unfortuntely, this product is sold out for 2023! Please see our alternate gift boxes available now - The Luxury Gift Box , Small Hamper Box , Medium Hamper Box , Large Hamper Box Purchase your hamper...
Celtic Soft
Celtic Soft
Celtic Soft retains a slight chalkiness in its centre when younger, surrounded by a softer, buttery paste. As it ages, the centre also softens, allowing the entire cheese to reach a melting, creamy consistency.  The cheese has...
Celtic Capra Irish Cheese
Celtic Capra
Irish Artisan Goats' Milk Cheese Big flavour in a small package, Celtic Capra is a great example of Irish cheesemaking. This small goats' milk cheese has a delicate and mellow flavour and is wrapped in attractive Paxton &...