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Paxton's Weekend Cheese Box

Allow our cheesemongers to choose a surprise selection of our best, ready-to-eat cheeses for you.

£30.00 per unit

Artisan Cheese for the Weekend

Our cheesemongers will select our best, ready-to-eat cheeses for you. These artisan cheeses are in perfectly mature condition; ripe and ready to eat! If you’d like to receive yours for the coming weekend, order by Wednesday for UK mainland delivery on Friday, or order by Thursday for delivery on Saturday, .

You’ll receive an approx. cheese weight of 800g – ideal for a dinner party cheeseboard for 8 people, or a weekend-long cheese feast for 2-4 people!

Some of the cheeses selected may be close to their official ‘best before’ date. These ‘best before’ dates are issued by our cheese makers as their estimate of the best quality and not safety. Some of our favourite cheeses are actually eaten past their best before dates. We find that the best way to judge the quality and maturity of each batch is to taste it! We’ll only include cheeses in this box that meet our taste tests and that our cheesemongers have selected as perfect to eat.

Your cheese is carefully hand-cut, wrapped and packed by our cheesemongers into our Paxton & Whitfield branded transit box - insulated with Woolcool; a revolutionary, totally compostable and biodegradable insulation and chilled with fully recyclable and re-usable ice packs.

The cheeses in this box will need to be eaten within a few days of delivery to ensure that you experience them at their optimum flavour and texture. These artisan cheeses are sold at a lower price than their actual value to reflect their readiness to be eaten.

July 2020: "The weekend cheese boxes are the perfect ‘Thank you’ gift, when staying with friends. Great selection every time.”

July 2020: "The weekend box was a birthday gift for a close friend. Delivery and contents couldn't be faulted. Excellent. I will definitely repeat!”

June 2020: "I ordered two weekend boxes for my daughters and son in laws. they were thrilled. the freshness and the selection of cheeses were PERFECT. Thank you from a happy Mother in Law"

May 2020: “Every time I order the weekend there is a palpable feeling of excitement as to what I will get. Usually try to order another slice of local cheese. Tried the Cote Duras red and white, they both were excellent with cheese.”

May 2020: "Weekend cheese boxes excellent value, good selection of different cheeses and provides excitement when you open as you don’t know what has been selected for you from the large variety of excellent cheeses sold by P&W. Love them”

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