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Artisan Cheese Advent Calendar Reviews

Our cheesemongers are incredibly excited about the 2023 edition of our legendary Artisan Cheese Advent Calendar. Every individual advent cheese box is a real labour of love - featuring an artisan cheese hand-cut and wrapped from our Cotswold maturation rooms (some of the boxes will also contain a larger individual artisan cheese).

Read on below for some of the incredible customer reviews that we received for our 2021 and 2022 Advent Calendar. click here to find out more and place your order... 


“This was a lovely way to slow down and mark each day in December savouring something and learning about cheeses we might not have tried otherwise. The tasting notes were great and we really enjoyed the whole experience - thank you!”


“Excellent choice of cheeses, well packaged and a delight to enjoy ”


“This was the perfect present for my boyfriend at Christmas. He is a massive cheese lover and this surprise was perfect. It was lovely to have them arrive throughout the month and a great opportunity to try and learn about all the different cheeses. I would definitely recommend!”


“The whole experience was wonderful. Individually dated and wrapped packages delivered in three batches, tasting notes and the range of cheeses made December, and the lead up to Christmas, memorable. Although a gift to me from our daughter, the cheese portions allowed my wife and I to share the experience. The tasting notes were useful (and accurate) and we even graded the cheeses as we went to allow us to pick out favourites. It was an amazing gift; and was well thought out and executed by Paxton & Whitfield."


“I bought the advent calendar as a gift for my wife who loved it. Not only was it a great advent calendar, it kept us stocked up on cheese for the whole Christmas period.”


“I bought this advent calendar for my husband. Previously he has had a cheese advent, but nothing to compare to this. From the variety of cheeses, to the information and packaging and delivery throughout December, it was a delight. This will be our advent calendar each year now ”


“A tremendous gift for my daughter and her family who absolutely loved all the cheeses. Very impressed with the sizes”


“The Cheese Advent Calendar is a real treat: beautifully selected cheese and beautifully wrapped in little boxes with information on each cheese. A delight for any cheese lover.”

“I was thrilled to receive my Paxton & Whitfield advent calendar and it was a completely novel way to count down the days to Christmas. Each cheese I received came with a useful card explaining the cheese, providing some tasting notes, and a great suggestion for wine (and other) pairings. Each cheese was delivered in immaculate condition and each was expertly chosen to showcase some fantastic and often less-known products. I'm only sorry advent couldn't last a little bit longer!”
“We've had cheese advent calendars for three years in a row now (from different suppliers) and this was by far the best. Absolutely fabulous cheeses, beautifully presented, utterly delicious and enjoyably informative with drinks pairing suggestions and interesting tidbits about each cheese. The best thing though, is the portion sizes which were more than just a bite or two.”
“What a wonderful way to enjoy and explore the world of cheese in the lead-up to Christmas. The advent calendar became a daily family adventure into visiting new and varied types of cheese.” 
“The advent calendar was fantastic! The portions are very generous with a few smaller whole cheeses included on some days! You can open each day or save up a few for a cheese board at the weekend. My partner and I just about managed to eat it all. Great range of cheeses, very fresh and lasted well. All beautifully wrapped and presented. Would make a great gift!”
“This is a cheese lover's best present!  Each daily package contains a generous portion of perfectly fresh cheese.  There's no padding it out with packets of crackers or blocks of quince jelly!  All the portions are good sized, with some being very generous.  The three deliveries approach means that you can safely store the cheeses in the fridge without losing too much space at the time of year when fridge space is at a premium!  The only difficulty is trying to resist peeking to see what the next days' cheese is going to be.  Loved it.  Can't wait to see what is in next year’s”
“A superb selection of cheeses with the best saved for last making for an extra special treat on Christmas Eve. Perfect amounts for a pair to share. Beautifully presented in numbered boxes with tasting notes included. Fabulous!”
“Fabulous high quality and tasty cheeses, really well presented and described. Loved the fact that we could ‘try’ out new cheeses that we wouldn’t necessarily have chosen or ordered. Loved how the cheeses were packed and delivered.”
“This was the absolute best advent calendar for anyone who enjoys cheeses. The presentation was wonderful! Love the selection of cheeses and having a description of each one was so appreciated! Highly recommend!”
“Awesome service loved every day of it will not hesitate booking again”
“Great range of cheeses and good information about each - would recommend for any cheese lover”
“An excellent, good value Advent Calendar. Great fun opening each box. Efficient delivery system and above all superb cheeses. I can't wait for the 2022 calendar. Unbeatable and unique.”
“I loved the advent calendar so much. It was a joy to open every day and all the cheeses were exceptionally high quality. Would love to be able to order throughout the year as a count down to birthdays etc. 100% will order again next year.”
“Truly a wonderful Christmas experience and a great introduction to cheeses we might not otherwise have bought and which we will in the future.”
“Lovely, tasty selection, a real Christmas treat”
“The Advent calendar was loved by my Son and Daughter-in-law.  Will look forward to ordering one for them again next year.  All the cheeses arrived in perfect condition. Beautifully packaged too.”
“An exciting advent calendar full of wonderful surprises”
"Well - BEST advent EVER. Great year to enjoy it to ourselves, but I can imagine it being fun to share as well. There was a lot of cheese!  We really enjoyed cheeses at their prime and in quantity that was manageable for 2 to share either on the day or in selections as a cheeseboard intermittently.    I knew some but met many I didn’t know and with short stories that made it educational as well as extremely enjoyable."
"A labour of love in putting these cheese boxes together. There were generous portions of each day's cheese, easily enough for two people. A very good mix of different types of cheese, spread out over the 24 days. It was hard not to peek into the next day's box to see what was coming!! And how have I got through life without trying Schneblehorn? a definite new favourite!! Thank you Paxton and Whitfield, you've hit a new high!"
"Great variety of cheese and loved the information provided for each cheese - recommended for any cheese lover."
"Wonderful array of different cheeses, very well presented and packaged to ensure freshness.  A great advent experience."
"As someone who is absolutely not a cheese connoisseur this was a fantastic way to try a wide range and improve my knowledge." 
"Expensive but TOTALLY worth it. Beautiful recyclable packing, informative labels for each cheese and delivered perfectly on time.    A wide selection of cheeses, some loosely known some complete strangers. Whilst one of us enjoyed some, the other enjoyed different ones.   Can't wait for next year’s. Drooling and dribbling  Martin & Sarah"
"This Cheese Advent is exceptional, delivery perfectly timed, tasting notes informative and fun, the cheese portion is just the right amount to ensure daily enjoyment and the cheeses are phenomenal, varied and flavorsome - Overall highly recommended, I will be having one every year."   
“The most wonderful selection of cheeses and we loved the surprise everyday. Please repeat for this Christmas. Samantha Connolly”
“A lovely gift which was received with much enthusiasm and each week looked forward to the next instalment, I gained many browny points”
"I actually cannot think of anything to improve the calendar - it was truly thoughtful, clever, delicious, well organised and beautifully presented.  It made our Christmas."
“Very happy with my first Advent Cheese from Paxton’s”
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