For August, Jasmine Reeves, supervisor at Paxton & Whitfield’s Stratford-upon-Avon shop, has selected the delicious award-winning, semi-soft, washed rind Rollright  to enjoy (Pasteurised cows’ milk, traditional rennet). 

This is a relatively new cheese to the UK artisan cheese market, first being produced in March 2015. It is the creation of David Jowett a young British cheesemaker who used to work for Paxton & Whitfield in its Stratford-upon-Avon store. David makes this cheese at King Stone Dairy in Little Rollright, Oxfordshire.

The milk used to make the cheese comes from nine different breeds of cow from King Stone Farm. The herd has 120 cows and about 70% of them have got Brown Swiss in them. It is this unique combination of breeds that David believes creates such well-balanced and high quality milk. The herd grazes on white clover from pastures that were previously farmed under organic principles. Once the curds have been made, the cheesemakers are quick to place them in moulds to stop the acidity in the curds growing.

Once the moulds have been stacked and allowed to drain, they are then taken into the ripening room and matured for four to five weeks, being turned weekly.

Rollright has a peachy coloured rind that complements the pale, unctuous inner paste. It has a delicious full flavour that is savoury and meaty with hints of sweet buttery notes. It was inspired by Reblochon, making it an appealing cheese for those put off by the pungent aromas of some other washed-rind cheeses.

Jasmine says: “Rollright is a really delicious new British cheese that really impressed me when I first tasted it. I’ve paired it with the Malted Crackers as the sweetness of them complement the mildness of the cheese.” So far in this year Rollright has won a Gold Medal at the British Cheese Awards and Supreme Champion at the Artisan Cheese Show at Melton Mowbray.