The cheese is made by the Swaledale Cheese Company, based in the Yorkshire Dales. Set up in 1987 by David and Mandy Reed, today the award-winning company is run by their two children Louise and Sam.  

After the Second World War cheesemaking on farms in the Dales had declined to the point that by the 1980s Mr and Mrs Longstaff of Harkerside, located above Reeth in Swaledale, were the only farm producing Swaledale cheese.

In 1986 Mrs Longstaff gave David and Mandy Reed the cheese recipe when she sold her smallholding and retired from cheesemaking. David and Mandy set up the Swaledale Cheese Company in 1987 to make the cheese and its production has grown year on year since then. In 1995 the company achieved PDO* status for the ewes’ milk cheese it makes and at the 2011 British Cheese Awards the ewe’s cheese won a Bronze Medal.

Swaledale Ewe has a mild and smooth tang that complements its soft, moist open texture.

Ros says: “To celebrate British Cheese Week enjoy Swaledale Ewe with our Damson Fruit Cheese  as the sweetness of the damsons works really well with the full bodied tang of the ewe.