Our Monthly Cheese Society is perfect for any lover of cheese!


A selection of 4 artisan cheeses delivered to your door each month! £35 per month including delivery. Our September selection is:

Spicherhalde - an earthy and buttery Bavarian cheese, only produced during the months of May through to September.

Le Cure Nantais - a delicious soft cheese which dates back to the 19th Century. This cheese has been rubbed in Muscadet.

Barkham Blue - A creamy open textured cheese with a rustic rind and a yellow moist interior streaked with blue viens.

Tim's Pickled Ewe cheese - a crumbly tangy white ewe's cheese made in a Feta style in Somerset.

The ideal way to experience and enjoy new cheese at its best. If you enjoy good cheeses and want to find out more about them, join our Cheese Society or send as a gift to someone.