Are you getting married this year and thinking of treating your guests to a cheese wedding cake?  If so, we can help you choose the ideal combination of cheese so that every guest experiences the perfect end to your celebratory meal.

What is a cheese wedding cake?

Just like a layered fruit cake, a cheese wedding cake is a tiered stack of different cheeses which can be cut and served to guests as part of your wedding breakfast or your evening meal.

With the right selection of cheeses and a little imagination with the decoration, you can create a stunning and mouth-watering centrepiece.

How to choose a cheese wedding cake

Here at Paxton & Whitfield we have made it simple for you by creating a wonderful selection of cheese wedding cakes to suit all tastes and budgets.  You will see there are cheese wedding cakes for smaller celebrations like The Charlotte, as well as selections for larger weddings like The Boadicea and La Manche.

Each of our cheese wedding cakes features the perfect combination of artisan cheese, brought to you from the very best cheesemakers across the UK and Europe.

How to make your own cheese wedding cake

Our expert cheesemongers are always happy to provide tailored advice to help create the perfect cheese wedding cake for you.  Just call your nearest branch.  You can also arrange a tasting session in one of our stores where you can experience our wide range of artisan cheese, or you can order one of our tasting boxes.

The first consideration when creating your own cheese wedding cake is to ensure there is enough variety for your guests, so we would advise you to choose at least three cheeses but a combination of five or seven is ideal.

When selecting the cheese, you need to bear in mind that flavour is only one of the factors you should consider.  Each cheese needs to be a different size so that you get an attractive height and shape to your cake.  Plus, consider the colour of the rind or sides of the cheese as a variation in colour and texture will make it more attractive.

As you are likely to be catering for a large number of people who like different types of cheese, it is best to opt for a combination of hard, blue and soft cheese.  A hard cheese such as Sparkhenhoe Red Leicester or a large Stilton round is substantial enough to sit as the bottom layer.  You can then add slightly smaller hard or blue cheeses to build up height. Good combinations include Shropshire Blue, Double Gloucester or Cornish Yarg as these will give a variance of flavour and texture.

You can complete your cake with soft cheeses like Brie de Melun, gradually decreasing the size of your cheeses to top the cake with a small goat's cheese like Dorstone or Cerney which has a stunning slate grey rind.

Top tips for creating the perfect cheese wedding cake

  1. Plan your decoration - your cheese wedding cake can be decorated to tie in with the colour theme of your wedding.  Lots of people use fresh or silk flowers as well as fresh and dried fruit and nuts to make their cheese wedding cake stand out.
  2. Be organised - you will need to order your cheese so that it arrives at least 48 hours before the big day, that way it will be one less thing to worry about in the lead up to your wedding.  Think about quantities - we would recommend you cater for about 50g of cheese per guest if it is to be served as part of the wedding breakfast or buffet.
  3. Store it properly - we will ensure your cheese arrives in perfect condition so it will need to be refrigerated at the right temperature until your wedding day.  On the day, we would recommend you remove it from its packaging and place it on display no more than two hours before your wedding breakfast or evening meal.  Cover it with a clean cloth and keep our of direct sunlight.

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