There's nothing quite like a unique, hand-made gift to make someone feel special.  Whether you're looking for a present for Mother's Day or something that says 'thank you'  to a friend, our beautiful ceramic tableware, designed especially for Paxton & Whitfield by potter Katie, will be a delight to give and receive.

There are three pieces in the collection - a Cheese Platter & Lid, a Butter Dish and a Milk Jug - so you can treat yourself or a loved one to the complete set or buy just one piece at a time.

Each item is beautifully created with a distinctive shape in plain white ceramic - we love the simple elegance and functionality of the design.  The cheese platter & lid is perfect for serving your Paxton & Whitfield cheese selection and features the words "Cheese, Formaggio and Fromage".  Its round design was inspired by the traditional round wooden camembert or brie boxes.

The milk jug was inspired by modern cardboard milk boxes and features the words 'Milk, Latte and Lait' on the side while the butter dish is designed to look like packaged butter and features the words 'Butter, Burro and Beurre', perfectly complementing the platter and milk jug.


Katie is enjoying a growing reputation for her beautiful ceramic creations. She say she 'takes inspiration from traditional and functional forms and then adds an individual slant of playful humour'. Her tableware is cast in plaster moulds, which she has either created or found. 

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