Did you know, Paxton & Whitfield is now the cheese supplier of choice to some of the UK’s best known hotels and restaurants?  

Our thriving cheese wholesale business works alongside chefs and catering teams who want the very best of British and Continental cheese to delight their customers. 

We’ve been a leading London cheese supplier for decades and we’re proud to have proven ourselves against the demands of Michelin-starred chefs and dozens of unsung kitchen heroes who know they can rely on the range, quality and provenance of our artisan cheese.  

Bringing the best to you

As one of Britain’s oldest cheesemongers, and holders of two Royal Warrants, we make every effort to support new cheesemakers while nurturing relationships with established producers so that we can source the best cheese from the UK and beyond.  This makes life easier for the chefs and hoteliers we work with as they know that there will be no question about the quality and diversity of a Paxton & Whitfield cheeseboard. 

Importantly, our trade team consists of highly trained cheesemongers: the same people who take your order also cut, pack and deliver your cheese.  Even if we have to deliver it in a barrow (yes, some of our cheeses are so big it’s the best way!) we will always deliver the best cheese wherever and whenever it’s required and be available to offer on-the-spot advice.

Delivery in central London is next-day, with options for a second delivery.  We also deliver nationwide using an overnight courier for delivery Tuesday – Thursday.  Minimum order quantities are small enough to enable you to keep stock fresh.

Passing on the passion

Of course, as cheese experts and enthusiasts, we help our wholesale customers to offer the very best in British and Continental cheese. 

We stock around 150 cheeses from Britain and Europe and hold an annual review to make sure our range consists of the best available.  We also have monthly guest cheeses so you’re your menu stays seasonal and fresh and offer regular training and events for chefs and waiters.

Our on-site maturing cellars enable us to ‘bring on’ or ‘hold back’ cheese so that we can offer varying degrees of ripeness depending upon your requirements. We also offer advice on buying cheeses in the right season and which accompaniments to use.  Naturally, we know our products inside out so can offer detailed information and fact sheets about the provenance of each cheese; where and when it was produced.

Healthy supply chain

Of course, our wholesale customers also know that we have a healthy supply chain, working closely with artisan cheesemakers and building strong and solid relationships with the producers directly.  So at Christmas time, when the world goes crazy for Stilton or the unsurpassable Mont d’Or, or when the Alpine cheeses come into their own as a result of the sweet pastures on which the cattle grazed 24 months ago, our wholesale customers know where to turn. Many of our cheesemakers have supplied Paxton & Whitfield for generations - that counts for a lot when you’re working with people who really care about the food they produce. 

Our cheese wholesale business operates throughout the UK and serves hotels and restaurants as well as speciality shops.  If you would like to talk to us about wholesale cheese supply, please contact Ruth Holbrook on 0207 930 0259.