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The Fondue Collection

A wonderful hamper selection featuring fondue cheeses and our stylish fondue set for two.


Dive into a world of savoury indulgence as you dip, swirl, and savour the finest cheeses with a fellow cheese lover. This hamper brings you a handpicked selection of artisan cheeses that melt effortlessly into a rich and creamy fondue. Perfectly paired with our Sourdough Crispbreads and Cornichons and of course, our stylish Fondue Set for Two.


Gruyère Premier Cru 200g: Aged for a minimum of 12 months, this Swiss Gruyere is dense in texture, with a fruity, floral flavour that lingers in the mouth.

Ogleshield 200g: A Jersey cow’s milk cheese washed in brine, similar in style to a Raclette, with rich and fruity flavours.

Cornichon Malossol 650g: Delicious Corinchons from Chemilly-sur-Yonne, with a tasty crunch and well-balanced acidity.

Paxton & Whitfield Artisan Sourdough Crispbreads 120g: Slowly fermented, large Sourdough Crispbreads with a rustic rye flour recipe, a satisfyingly crisp crunch and wholesome taste.

Paxton & Whitfield Fondue Set for Two:  A stylish fondue set containing a grey ceramic fondue pot, featuring the Paxton & Whitfield logo in white, two fondue forks, a wooden base and one tealight.

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Ogleshield Raclette-Style Cheese
Ogleshield Raclette-Style Cheese
 English Raclette-Style Cheese Ogleshield is most similar to Raclette in style, with its rich, fruity flavours, and lends itself to melting just as well. Try using on a Raclette grill or simply melting in a...
NEW! Sourdough Crispbreads
NEW! Sourdough Crispbreads
Deliciously Crunchy Sourdough Crispbreads Every batch of our new, large Sourdough Crispbreads is hand-baked using a sourdough starter that is fed and nurtured for maximum flavour and crunch. The dough is made with the finest rye flour...
Cornichon Malossol
Cornichon Malossol
Crunchy & Morish Cornichons Maison Marc stands as the sole surviving commercial producer of cornichons in France, as most  are now grown overseas in Asia . These c ornichons are grown in Chemilly-sur-Yonne, without the use of...
Fondue Set for Two
Paxtons Fondue Set for Two
Cheese fondue is a traditional dish originating in the French and Swiss Alps. The name fondue comes from the French word fondre meaning to melt. Cheese fondue is typically made with a mixture of hard alpine cheeses, white wine...
Gruyere Premier Cru Cheese
Gruyere Premier Cru
3-time Gold World Cheese Award Winning Gruyere Aged for a minimum of 12 months, this Swiss Gruyere is dense in texture, with a fruity, floral flavour that lingers in the mouth. Originally Gruyere cheese was only made in and around...