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'Alpine Favourites' Tasting 26th January 2024

Please read our cheese factsheets for more information about the cheeses you'll be trying during the tasting. You can also browse our other cheese-tasting events here.







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Gruyere Premier Cru Cheese
Gruyere Premier Cru
3-time Gold World Cheese Award Winning Gruyere Aged for a minimum of 12 months, this Swiss Gruyere is dense in texture, with a fruity, floral flavour that lingers in the mouth. Originally Gruyere cheese was only made in and around...
Decadent Artisan Alpine Cheese Schnebelhorn cheese is exclusively sold by Paxton & Whitfield in the UK . We oversee its journey, from the Swiss Alps to our Cotswold cheese rooms, where our cheesemongers carefully mature it until...
Paxton & Whitfield Sliced Raclette
Paxton & Whitfield Sliced Raclette
Irresistible Raclette Cheese Melted to Perfection Raclette is a traditional dish originating in the French & Swiss Alps. Famous for its ability to melt exceptionally to become a fantastic molten dip or topping. The name Raclette...
Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese
Lincolnshire Poacher
Cheddar-Style Cheese with minimal Environmental Impact The award-winning Lincolnshire Poacher is a vintage handmade cheese, made with raw milk from the herd of cattle grazed on the farm. Aged for about 20 months, this cheese is akin...
Aged Comte Cheese
Comté Vieux
We have sourced this very special Comté Vieux from our affineur in France. Aged for approximately 24 months in French caves; the flavour is nutty, full and rich, with fruity tones and more of the crunchy Tyrosine crystals formed...