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Artisan British Cheese Alternatives for your Christmas Cheeseboard

If you’re looking to try something different on your Christmas cheeseboard this year, why not taste these British cheese alternatives to your traditional Continental favourites?

We have selected five British cheeses which make a delicious cheeseboard Christmas selection – made with a variety of different milks and with different textures and styles; hard, soft, spoonable & blue…


If you like Reblochon, try Baronet

Do you love the meatiness of Reblochon, with its perfect melting qualities and punchy flavours?  Baronet,  made in Wiltshire has all of the forward qualities we love about Reblochon plus it’s made with milk from Guernsey breed cows, resulting in the most rich and delicious texture. 


If you like Brie de Meaux, try Baron Bigod

It’s so popular that cheesemakers worldwide have tried to copy a good Brie de Meaux, with its silky mushroomy notes and warming cauliflower cheese flavours. For a cheese that stands up to its French cousin, we highly recommend Baron Bigod - so keen were the makers to replicate the authenticity and quality of Brie de Meaux they went to France to buy Montbeliarde cows to add to their Suffolk herd. 


If you like Manchego, try Corra Linn

Sweet and nutty, with an undeniable moreishness, Manchego is one of our most requested cheeses on the counter. If you’re looking for a tasty UK sheeps’ milk cheese, then Corra Linn has that satisfying dry texture but complex juiciness of its European cousins and works equally well with Sherry and Almonds. 


If you like Mont d’Or, try Rollright

We cannot deny the cult-like status of Mont d’Or - with its short season and fabulous ooze is it any wonder? If you’re hunting for a fix outside of the season or perhaps you’re looking for something a little smaller in size, then give Rollright a try. With the iconic spruce bark in common, this Cotswold British cheese certainly ticks not only the ‘ooze’ box but also has a similar, heady aroma. 


If you like Roquefort, try Lanark Blue

Did you know Roquefort has to be made with sheeps’ milk? Specifically, with the milk of a specific breed called Lacaune. Unusually you will find a flock of these very French sheep in Lanarkshire. With hints of black pepper, it’s the perfect foil for a sweet wine like Sauternes or Monbazillac. Lanark Blue is a delicious Scottish alternative to the most famous of fromage francais. 


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